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About David Ackerman Chiropractic

Hello! I am Dr David Ackerman, chiropractor, and I have a strong interest
in holistic health and living.

I love sharing chiropractic care since it is such a simple way to make a positive difference in people’s lives. In addition to the more conventional forms of chiropractic, which involve chiropractic adjustments, massage, stretching, and simple lifestyle advice, the particular modalities I specialize in are Craniosacral Balancing, NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR), and NeuroEmotional Technique (NET).

What we Offer

As a trained chiropractor I use a range of manual treatments. Spinal manipulation is only one such treatment. In addition, I use specific spinal mobilisations, stretches and massage in order to restore neuromusculoskeletal function in the body. These are all utilised after proper diagnosis and evaluation of spinal function.

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