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  • Chiropractic optimises the way your brain, spine, muscles and bones work together.
  • As a certified chiropractor, I use many hands-on techniques including spinal manipulation, mobilisations, stretching and chiropractic/osteopathic massage.
  • Proper diagnosis and evaluation of spinal function can correct underlying causes of spinal problems and relieve your symptoms.
  • Massage and soft tissue release techniques support the function of the spine, improve range of movement and address symptoms.

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craniosacral balancing by david ackerman

Craniosacral Balancing

    • Craniosacral Balancing (CSB) is a gentle hands-on therapy that releases tension in the fluid membrane system around your brain and spine.
    • CSB releases tension at the core of your body (skull and spine) restoring neurological function and relieving symptoms.
    • CSB is deeply relaxing. Some research suggests it may help ease neck pain, headaches, migraines and sleep apnoea.

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neuro emotional technique by david ackerman

NeuroEmotional Technique

    • NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) is a valuable therapeutic tool that finds unresolved trauma and stored patterns of stress that can interrupt your body’s natural ability to heal itself. NET helps your body resolve or integrate the stress through a simple corrective process.
    • NET is a mind-body approach to help stress-related conditions. NET specifically works to relieve the responses your body has to emotional stress (the ‘physiology’ of emotion).
    • Through NET, we focus on restoring healthy body function to reduce stress and symptoms, and restore well-being.

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NeuroCranial Restructuring

    • NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR) is a powerful Endonasal Cranial Therapy delivered as four treatments typically within four days.
    • Endonasal Cranial Therapy means that we use a small balloon that is inserted in the nose to release the skull bones from the inside.
    • Typical benefits of NCR include greater facial and body symmetry/alignment and greater breathing capacity through the nostrils. Patients have also reported relief from headaches, migraines, jaw pain, sleep apnoea and chronic sinusitis.

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* These benefits are anecdotal from clinical practice. No high-level research has verified these claims.